Kyle SpishockKyle Spishock

Kyle Spishock was convinced that he would grow up and be a basketball player like his hero Kobe Bryant. Unfortunately, he never grew, and had to settle with the ambitious role of “content creator”.  Starting his career as a writer, Kyle’s old man encouraged him to get a degree in something that would land him a real job. He settled on Marketing, and basically never used his education for anything. Kyle’s writing has been featured in over 100 publications, including SA Express-News, SB Nation, USA Today, and Yahoo Sports.  He cut his teeth as a sports anchor and MMJ with Sports2Nite, before transitioning into his role as a full-time, traveling Texan.

An avid pop culture fan, you can find Kyle’s desk covered with Star Wars collectibles — clutter that both impresses and irritates his fellow office mate. He also feels uncomfortable writing this in the third person, and feels very vain finishing up this bio, like he’s got a strange mental condition that permits this kind of behavior.